Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!

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Buy a Dam Wombat and help build a new dam at Sleepy Burrows. The dam will help deliver water to the wombats in Wombat University and High School as each wombat has a fresh bowl of water every day. The dam will also irrigate the grass in the wombats' enclosures and help in case of bushfire. Currently all water has to be transported from the house water tanks which in turn Sleepy Burrows is having to buy in water due to the lack of rain this winter season (good for dam building though!). In the 2016-2017 summer, several bush- and grass fires were near Sleepy Burrows and the wombats were worried!

We are aiming to achieve toy wombat world domination and raise $12,000 to assist with our dam project through the sale of toy wombats. Total cost of the dam project and associated tanks and piping is $34,000.

Each Dam Wombat is individually numbered #1 to #250. Each is a handmade, character-loaded toy wombat using the Funky Friends Factory pattern Wodger Wombat, all fabrics individually chosen, with child-safety eyes or hand-embroidered sleepy eyes for the nursery wombats. Check out the whole range and make your decision to buy and support Sleepy Burrows in this super-important project.

AUD30 for an orphan wombat, the smallest of our range needing new carers.

AUD45 for a joey wombat, super cuddly.

AUD75 for mother and baby .... larger size mum and baby is same size as the orphans.

The price shown is for the wombat, postage and handling added in when purchasing.

Then have some fun by showing us on Instagram where in the world you are with your wombat. Instagram @sleepyburrows, hashtags #sleepyburrows and #buyadamwombat. Keep following our Facebook page for updates.


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