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Dawn was an old wombat at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary. She did start a blog, and in her memory, I am going to continue this blog for all wombats, big and small. 

Some won't like what is blogged, too bad. This is a running daily blog of what wombats are enduring Australia wide, in particular in New South Wales and the workload of Phil and myself. I think it is about time to show/tell the public what is really going on and you can judge for yourselves.

If I posted truthfully on Facebook or Instagram daily, not many would follow. So in creating this blog, you can either read about true life of working with wombats at the sanctuary or chose not to. 

We will blog facts of what occurs, who we deal with and I have no doubt you will find it very interesting. 

Bearing in mind, what is written is over and above the 16-20 hour days worked, 10 plus loads of wombat washing, being a mother to our two children, housework, Phil doing maintenance and building at the sanctuary, 70-100 wombat bottles daily and more. 

Regards Donna





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4th August 2018 - my thoughts....

Posted on 16 August, 2018 at 7:00

So at what point does animal cruelty be an issue? How bad does a species have to suffer, at the hands of wildlife groups, government, individuals??? I am not sure I understand. There is a certain protocol that needs to be followed with regards to animals. There are certain 'authorities' who are accountable for action. 

So when these so called 'authorities' don't act - and the wombats continue to suffer - that is animal cruelty. When wildlife groups do not act in the best interest of wombats, that is animal cruelty. To allow prolonged suffering for politics, that is animal cruelty. 

At what point does it become about the animals again????? I have been watching certain groups and departments for the last 6 years, documenting incidents, behaviour, outcomes, etc and it makes for some very interesting reading. If the public were completely aware of what is NOT being done, I know they would be disgusted/shocked/disappointed (as I have been while documenting this all). 

I always ask the same question. No matter what state (ie NSW or ACT), if a wombat is left, without medical treatment or kind euthenaisia, would that be allowed for a dog? You know the answer, it would be no. So a wombat with no eyes, no ears left as the mites have eaten them away - would a dog be allowed to be left like this in a state picnic area? On a residential road for months until it dies, along with the others? Of course not. Then WHY is it happening in the ACT, NSW to wombats? Why are such large areas, with such large quantities of suffering wombats allowed to just rot until they drop dead? 

I don't think the majority of people understand just what goes on to these anmials. I don't think the public is fully aware of what groups and deparments are not doing and getting away with. I think people would find it all very interesting. 

3 August 2018

Posted on 9 August, 2018 at 4:25

Well well, would you look at this. Same as last year. Wildlife group and management at Bendeela clearly have done no major work for the wombats at the campsite as yes, you can go and mingle with wombat's in various stages of mange - yet again, nothing has changed it seems -  stick around and watch them die as this happens to at this particular place. Sad to see nothing was implemented between management and the wildlife group last year after pushing and writing about the condition of the wombats. Pathetic. Make sure you check who you donate to and that they in fact DO the work they advocate they do for the wildlife people. 

1 August 2018

Posted on 1 August, 2018 at 6:40

2 Injured adult wombats reported in who need to be caught - about 3 hours apart in driving. 

2 Relocation requests for people living in wombat areas to have wombats removed - answer is no. Don't live in the bush if you don't like the wildlife. 

2 Manged wombats reported in. 

19 to 31 July 2018

Posted on 1 August, 2018 at 6:25

It is sad when you don't even have time to make a blog entry huh?

19 July - 2am call to fetch new orphan 600g wombat pinkie found on road without mother, manged wombat reported in as severe.

20 July - 870g new orphan wombat pinkie called in and collected. 

21 July - 11kg female caught by member of the public and caged overnight - therefore mutilated her face trying to get out. Wombat now at sanctuary. 

23 July - 5 Manged wombats reported in. 

24 July - New 2kg wombat joey called in and brought to sanctuary. 

25 July - several manged wombats reported in from one area in ACT

28 July - more manged wombats reported in in ACT and 2 more reported in in NSW

30 July - 2 x 4.5kg wombats removed from so called wildlife carer. May I remind people yet again that getting a piece of paper after 6 hours and allowing you to take these animals in to care does NOT make you good with them. And it does NOT give you the right to treat them as you wish with complete stupidity and ignorance, at the expense of the animals. It is wrong and cruel. Yet because you CAN sit and 6 hours later have a so called wildlife licence, people are able to. System is so wrong. 
New arrival 4kg wombat brought to the sanctuary after mother killed early evening. 4 Manged wombats reported in. 

18 July 2018

Posted on 18 July, 2018 at 6:45

9kg Orphaned female found on the road with broken back leg. She was collected and is now at the sanctuary. 

5 Manged wombats reported in. 
This is such an epidemic in wombats now, it really does frustrate me that in the last decade, this has just been left by the government to fester into this magnitude for wombats. Why? It is a unique iconic Australian animal which is advertised for tourism by the same people. Happy to make money from wombats but not happy to save a species - odd. 

1 call to relocate wombat from under house. 

17 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 21:30

6 Manged wombats reported in before 11am. 

15 and 16 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 4:05

Several manged wombats reported in at one property.

Another manged wombat reported in near sanctuary. 

1 Wombat relocation request for wombat who has suddenly appeared at somebody's house - there is ALWAYS a reason a wombat does this. It is either sick, has been attacked or is a juvenile trying to find its feet. Wombats would not prefer to live with humans, it is about their self preservation that they do this. Need to go and educate this person and then assess wombat situation. 

2 Wombat joeys dead from the cold, pouches not checked. That takes the total for the week to over 10 wombat joeys who have been found dead from exposure. 

ANOTHER very ill wombat reported to the same rangers and wildlife group in previous two posts with nothing done for over a week for the wombat. This wombat (as we have photos) is in dire need to help. What is going on? Funny how this same wildlife group will go to the newspapers with the wombat joeys they are raising - and as a member of the public I am asking 'why are you not helping the adult wombats being called in?'. You show the public cute and cuddly yet you ignore the adults? Not right. More to come on this as this is now ridiculous. 

14 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 3:50

2 Manged wombats reported in. 

1.9kg orphaned female wombat called in to the sanctuary to collect. 

Yet ANOTHER person called, in fact with a wombat who had apparently been in the situation it was in for a week. Reported to relevant wildlife group and rangers, no action taken. Guess which state? Not hard, refer to previous post. 

Wombat was left. Wildlife group informed person that as they did not know if the wombat was sick or not, nothing would be done and nobody would come to see it?????? Really? And the wildlife group knew exactly which wombat was being referred to as it had been called in days before. 

We got called. Wombat in fact had severe and I mean severe pneumonia and mange. It was in a pipe, in a busy area, full of traffic (so it would have caused an accident for somebody), where people were passing all the time. NO WOMBAT WOULD REMAIN IN THIS SITUATION IF SOMETHING WAS NOT SEVERELY WRONG. 

This is where I get the shits big time. Wildlife groups will take your money, ask you for donations but you do NOT know what they in fact do or do not do. And I am referring to wombats in particular here. Anybody who knows wombats would know there was something seriously wrong. As I always say, would they have left a dog in this situation? The awnser is always no, never. To have left this wombat suffering for days like this is animal cruelty, both on the rangers side and the wildlife group's side. 

Thank you so the people who in fact helped us to help the wombat. There are good people out there. 

12 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 3:45

5 Wombat joeys found dead due to exposure to the cold and as a result of not being checked. 

5.9kg orphaned female wombat caught at her dead mother after 3 days of trying. 

Contacted by members of the public in ACT yet again for no action from relevant rangers, wildlife group or authorities to help an adult wombat with mange. This is becoming far too frequent. Adult wombats left to rot in the ACT. 

8 July 2018

Posted on 12 July, 2018 at 5:20

5 Manged wombats reported in. 

1kg orphaned male wombat cut out of the pouch after being with his dead mother for 2 days. Now at the sanctuary. 

4kg Pet male wombat handed over to the sanctuary. Lady had kept the wombat for 5 WEEKS without being able to feed it. Had it out with her dogs as well. Makes you think would she have done that to her own dog???? Not fed it for 5 weeks? I don't need to tell you what state the wombat is in. She thought it was a female. It is in fact a male wombat, so severely dehydrated that his testicles are sunken in like a pouch would be. Besides being thing, scared and all the rest. 

Yolandi 5am drive: 

1. Male wombat - no broken bones. No mange

2.Young adult female - no pinkie or joey, broken front leg, broken ribs, broken back. Tip of her left ear was cut off. No mange

3. Female wombat - signs of pinkie but I couldnt find the pinkie, broken back leg, severe head injuries

4. Male wombat - no broken bones. No mange

5. Female wombat - no joey or pinkie. Broken ribs and broken back. No mange