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17th June 2018

Posted on 20 June, 2018 at 7:25

Yolandi 4am drive:

Found an adult female wombat in the middle of the road at 7am. It was freezing. She had severe head injuries and was left lying on her back. She had a tiny pinkie, around 150g still in her pouch with one little arm sticking out. It was ice cold and had died hours earlier. Whoever killed this wombat and her little one did so without stopping and checking. The pinkie could have been saved. Better yet, if driven slowly mum would still be alive

7pm drive to Cooma:

Found an adult male wombat. 2nd worst injuries I have seen to date. His back was pulverized, all 4 legs broken, toenails all pulled out of one of his feet, jaw broken in several places. I felt sick seeing this. This trip was an eye opener in how driver's to Canberra behave. It was rainy, dark, no lights other than cars and if you drive slower you see heaps of kangaroos next to the road. But they dont slow down and abused me for driving less than 100kmh

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