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23 June 2018

Posted on 22 June, 2018 at 21:35

2 Manged wombats reported in, a few kilometres from the sanctuary which of course is not good for us. Severe cases too. 

Yolandi 5am drive:

1. Found a live kangaroo but badly injured in the middle of the road. Cars speeding past. It got scared and jumped up. Took 5 hours between me,  police and Wildcare until it could be found and euthanised

2. Male wombat dead in the middle of the road - still warm, blood just started seeping out of his nose (so I must have passed the person who killed him and didnt stop). Both back legs broken and lower back broken. No mange

3. Male wombat dead next to the side of the road - left ear cleanly cut off and testicles removed (couldnt be predator as there were no bitemarks or injury). What broke my heart with this one is that there was foam coming out of his nose meaning he was alive after injury. His whiskers were completely frosted over so he lay in the cold and froze to death. Shame on people for leaving animals injured and alive in the bitter cold to perish

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