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29 June 2018

Posted on 3 July, 2018 at 5:15

1 Manged wombat reported in. 

TO BE NOTED: For the last 5 years, 90% of the manged wombats reported in were male wombats. This year, there is a CHANGE. 90% are female wombats. This shift in the dynamics concerns me as for the species long term, you need the female wombats. I am concerned that female wombats are under increased stress and this is a clear indication. 

New arrival 2.2kg female orphaned wombat. 

Yolandi weekend drive:

1. Male wombat , both ears cut off. Wombat was lying on his side with right ear in the mud and water so it couldn’t be insect activity. Both ears cut at the same spot, clean line not chewed. No mange

2. Wombat found on side of the road with massive head injuries. large slit under its throat from impact. Could not determine sex as foxes already got to it. No mange

3. Male wombat - right back leg broken. Right ear cut off. Head injuries.No mange

4. Female wombat on the side of the road. Back broken. No mange

5. Male wombat . Head injuries. No mange

6. Wombat on the side of the road - not sure about sex as foxes was already there. No mange

7. Juvenile male wombat. Undernourished. Massive head trauma. No other injuries and no mange.

8. Male wombat. No broken bones. Head injury. No mange

9. Male wombat next to the highway. No broken bones. Head injury. No mange

10. Male wombat. Front leg broken. Head injury. No mange

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