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4th August 2018 - my thoughts....

Posted on 16 August, 2018 at 7:00

So at what point does animal cruelty be an issue? How bad does a species have to suffer, at the hands of wildlife groups, government, individuals??? I am not sure I understand. There is a certain protocol that needs to be followed with regards to animals. There are certain 'authorities' who are accountable for action. 

So when these so called 'authorities' don't act - and the wombats continue to suffer - that is animal cruelty. When wildlife groups do not act in the best interest of wombats, that is animal cruelty. To allow prolonged suffering for politics, that is animal cruelty. 

At what point does it become about the animals again????? I have been watching certain groups and departments for the last 6 years, documenting incidents, behaviour, outcomes, etc and it makes for some very interesting reading. If the public were completely aware of what is NOT being done, I know they would be disgusted/shocked/disappointed (as I have been while documenting this all). 

I always ask the same question. No matter what state (ie NSW or ACT), if a wombat is left, without medical treatment or kind euthenaisia, would that be allowed for a dog? You know the answer, it would be no. So a wombat with no eyes, no ears left as the mites have eaten them away - would a dog be allowed to be left like this in a state picnic area? On a residential road for months until it dies, along with the others? Of course not. Then WHY is it happening in the ACT, NSW to wombats? Why are such large areas, with such large quantities of suffering wombats allowed to just rot until they drop dead? 

I don't think the majority of people understand just what goes on to these anmials. I don't think the public is fully aware of what groups and deparments are not doing and getting away with. I think people would find it all very interesting. 

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