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8 July 2018

Posted on 12 July, 2018 at 5:20

5 Manged wombats reported in. 

1kg orphaned male wombat cut out of the pouch after being with his dead mother for 2 days. Now at the sanctuary. 

4kg Pet male wombat handed over to the sanctuary. Lady had kept the wombat for 5 WEEKS without being able to feed it. Had it out with her dogs as well. Makes you think would she have done that to her own dog???? Not fed it for 5 weeks? I don't need to tell you what state the wombat is in. She thought it was a female. It is in fact a male wombat, so severely dehydrated that his testicles are sunken in like a pouch would be. Besides being thing, scared and all the rest. 

Yolandi 5am drive: 

1. Male wombat - no broken bones. No mange

2.Young adult female - no pinkie or joey, broken front leg, broken ribs, broken back. Tip of her left ear was cut off. No mange

3. Female wombat - signs of pinkie but I couldnt find the pinkie, broken back leg, severe head injuries

4. Male wombat - no broken bones. No mange

5. Female wombat - no joey or pinkie. Broken ribs and broken back. No mange

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