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14 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 3:50

2 Manged wombats reported in. 

1.9kg orphaned female wombat called in to the sanctuary to collect. 

Yet ANOTHER person called, in fact with a wombat who had apparently been in the situation it was in for a week. Reported to relevant wildlife group and rangers, no action taken. Guess which state? Not hard, refer to previous post. 

Wombat was left. Wildlife group informed person that as they did not know if the wombat was sick or not, nothing would be done and nobody would come to see it?????? Really? And the wildlife group knew exactly which wombat was being referred to as it had been called in days before. 

We got called. Wombat in fact had severe and I mean severe pneumonia and mange. It was in a pipe, in a busy area, full of traffic (so it would have caused an accident for somebody), where people were passing all the time. NO WOMBAT WOULD REMAIN IN THIS SITUATION IF SOMETHING WAS NOT SEVERELY WRONG. 

This is where I get the shits big time. Wildlife groups will take your money, ask you for donations but you do NOT know what they in fact do or do not do. And I am referring to wombats in particular here. Anybody who knows wombats would know there was something seriously wrong. As I always say, would they have left a dog in this situation? The awnser is always no, never. To have left this wombat suffering for days like this is animal cruelty, both on the rangers side and the wildlife group's side. 

Thank you so the people who in fact helped us to help the wombat. There are good people out there. 

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