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15 and 16 July 2018

Posted on 16 July, 2018 at 4:05

Several manged wombats reported in at one property.

Another manged wombat reported in near sanctuary. 

1 Wombat relocation request for wombat who has suddenly appeared at somebody's house - there is ALWAYS a reason a wombat does this. It is either sick, has been attacked or is a juvenile trying to find its feet. Wombats would not prefer to live with humans, it is about their self preservation that they do this. Need to go and educate this person and then assess wombat situation. 

2 Wombat joeys dead from the cold, pouches not checked. That takes the total for the week to over 10 wombat joeys who have been found dead from exposure. 

ANOTHER very ill wombat reported to the same rangers and wildlife group in previous two posts with nothing done for over a week for the wombat. This wombat (as we have photos) is in dire need to help. What is going on? Funny how this same wildlife group will go to the newspapers with the wombat joeys they are raising - and as a member of the public I am asking 'why are you not helping the adult wombats being called in?'. You show the public cute and cuddly yet you ignore the adults? Not right. More to come on this as this is now ridiculous. 

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