Veg before and after Veg before and after Recovering after 3 hour surgery Veg sleeping off the anesthetic. 190564617 2 days after surgery Her wounds 2 days after surgery. The stitches were starting to pull already at such an early stage. 190564618 5 days after surgery And still about 6 months recovery to go if she pulled through the first month. 190564619 Veg was pregnant during recovery When she was undergoing surgery, it was only then that we discovered that Veg was in fact pregnant with an approximately 5 month old joey in her pouch. Thankfully the joey survived the surgery. 190564620 Veg and VB Veg after a few months and VB starting to venture out of the pouch while she slept. 190564621 VB having some milk while mother wombat sleeps VB would have a play, then some milk and then get back into the pouch. 190564622 Veg taking VB out Veg in her last stages of recovery. She then started to go for short walks from her burrow with VB always close. 190564623 Back to the bush, all recovered Veg and VB returned to the bush and both thrived. 190564624