Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!

Wombat sanctuary New South Wales Australia

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A pinkie wombat who was orphaned when her mother was killed by a car

Rehabilitating orphaned/inured/pet wombats

No matter what the size or age of the wombats are, we take them into specialist care and ensure they are eventually released with the correct skills to survive in the bush. 

Manged wombat, one of the biggest killers of wombats in New South Wales Australia

Wombats with mange or injured or who have 'appeared out of nowhere'

We assist in treating and helping wombats with mange. They do suffer so please contact us. 

If you find injured wombats or a wombat has suddenly appeared there is generally a reason for this (wombats do not do things without a solid reason). We assist people in catching/treating/relocating wombats in this regard. 

One of the released wombats at a burrow at the wombat sanctuary

Relocating wombats correctly

Sometimes wombats need to be relocated for various reasons. It is not a matter of simply removing the animal and dumping it elsewhere as they are highly territorial. We assist councils, the Road and Maritime Association and other bodies who are conducting construction work to remove/relocate wombats before the work commences to ensure the safety of the wombats. 

We also assist if wombats are digging into dam walls, digging under houses, etc. 

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