Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!

Who else do we help at the sanctuary?

At Sleepy Burrows we get called about all animals in the area. Some are cruelty issues, some are lost and need a place to go for a short while, some need a new permanent home. We have helped all different animals over the years and continue to do so. 

Living out in the bush you see some things which you would not see in the city. Finding a dog tied to a tree on a 38 degree day, in the sun on a dirt road well, yes, that happens sadly. We of course take them home immediately. 

We have found horses in the bush, wandering dehydrated and starving. We have even found an emu! Or had cattle arrive out of nowhere because where they lived there was no food. 

A farmer approached Phil to ask if he wanted him as otherwise he was going to be shot. He was not turning out as a working dog. 12 month old gorgeous Kelpie who deserved to have a life. Rusty was in appalling condition from never being fed or looked after correctly. It took us a good 8 months to bring his health up to where it should have been. 


The German Shepherd nobody wanted. We got a call from a zoo. Did we want to be her 6th home? We went and fetched her and gave Indy a much needed home. 

Shetland's Teddy and Cherokee who needed a home and yes you guessed it, we gave them one. Sleeping on the grass and feed time.