Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!

To become a Wombassador
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What is the Wombat Coffee Club?

THIS folks is one avenue of looking after the wombats long term. As members of the Wombat Coffee Club

And the best part is your coffee is calorie and tax free. 

Wombassadors are key in helping wombats survive, simple as that. The Government does not fund our work. It is all funded by Phil and Donna, along with Wombassadors (with donations if given). The work of the sanctuary extends all over Australia for wombats in terms of treatment, housing, transport - basically whatever it takes, in the best interest of the wombat. Without Wombassadors, the sanctuary would have to put a 'limit' on the number of wombats helped each year, simply due to the high cost of this work. 

It is $10 a month to belong to this 'exclusive' wombat club, the only one in the world. The wombats simply ask that people give 'them' a takeaway coffee or two each month. Collectively over time, this can have a major impact on what could be achieved for wombats. Our only limit is money for how far our work extends at the sanctuary and beyond for wombats! 

Wombassadors will be rewarded in return for their monthly commitment of having a virtual coffee and muffin with the wombats. How you may ask? 
The wombats will, in return, ensure members receive special updates and wombat videos of their lives at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary (delivered by the humans of course). After 12 months, a special 'Thank you' will be sent to members for their loyal membership. 

For $10 per month, you will be instrumental in helping, saving and preserving

Put a smile on a wombat's face. As a Wombat Coffee Club Wombassador, you will be instrumental in helping the humans to keep the sanctuary going on a day to day basis for the wombats.